Week of July 22, 2019

by Kori Crockett Cofounder / CEO


Week of July 22, 2019 in Summary 

Organizational updates:

  • Recruitment Video / Student Testimonials

    • I filmed student testimonial videos in April 2019 right before I got married. I’m  editing them now and creating a recruitment video that our chapter at the University of Michigan will use for their information session! The students are excited about being able to feature stories of students in the organization, as well as my story about why I started Propeller Collective. This video will also be a great resource for us to on an organizational level; it’s something we can share with others that creates an opportunity for them to learn more about our work and see its impact. I also plan to edit the videos down into smaller snippets so that we can feature individual testimonials on our website and social media.

  • Strategic Plan

    • I asked for feedback on this from four people. They shared their thoughts with me, and I spent some time this week going through and making adjustments. I plan to finalize this document by Friday, August 2, with the understanding that we can update it throughout the year as things change. Especially at this early stage, it’s important to have flexibility, which is why this first plan only covers the 2019-20 academic year. 

  • Budget

    • I had a phone call this week with one of my advisors, Louise, to go over our draft budget for 2019-20 and all of my related questions! We spent a little over an hour together. It was an eye opening experience and also one that confirmed we’re on the right track. Little by little, step by step, day by day, Propeller Collective is building the strong foundation it needs to reach its vision, and part of that vision includes creating a sustainable and flourishing nonprofit organization. I plan to finalize our budget this by Sunday, July 28, because we need this information for a grant application next week. Propeller Collective is applying for the Greater Sum Grant, which is awarded to select early stage nonprofit organizations and includes subject matter, professional development, and financial support. The application is due Tuesday, July 30.

  • Team Projects

    • Working with Anitta (our Managing Editor Intern) and Q (our Web Designer / Developer Intern) on their respective projects has propelled Propeller Collective into achieving its goals related to online content and web presence much faster than if we didn’t have their help. We’re #movingforwardtogether, and I’m very grateful that they’re sharing their time with us to grow our important work for first gen students and alumni.

Big progress made this week:

Getting. Stuff. Done. See above.

Setback of the week:

The cicadas outside of our apartment sabotaged my part of the recruitment / student testimonials video! Over the course of three hours (outtakes and all!) I worked hard to remember my lines and get comfortable on camera. When I finally thought I had something good, I reviewed the track, only to hear the deafening buzz of summer cicadas throughout the entire thing! The worst part is that I even used a lav mic, but somehow it picked them up like they were the main star of the show. My portion of the video includes my introduction, my story, and description of Propeller Collective. Since these topics are central to the launch of our organization, it’s also a video I can use in multiple places outside of the recruitment video: on our website, at future events, etc. So far, the cicadas have not yet quieted down, but I’m determined to finish this video by Sunday, July 28, by any means necessary! Perhaps I’ll wake up at 5am tomorrow. Maybe cicadas don’t sing that early? We can only hope.

Current challenge:

Same as last week: Getting everything in order to accept online donations. I want to get this done ASAP, but have had a number of programming tasks to get done this week. Writing about this challenge again this week is an important reminder to myself that online donations have to be a top priority for next week.

Grateful for: 

Building a team of courageous and hard-working volunteers.


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