Week of July 15, 2019

by Kori Crockett Cofounder / CEO

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Week of July 15, 2019 in Summary 

Big progress made this week:

Online content! Managing Editor Anitta and I are working together to build a strong foundation for sustainable online content. I’m also beginning to see how relationships we develop with people from Motivation Monday posts and Guest Posts are great starting points for building out our network of supporters and #firstgenfriends who want to pay it forward.

Setback of the week:

We can’t find the amazing posters and signs we made for recruitment last year, which means we have to make new ones. Going forward, the club Secretary will be in charge of storing all recruitment and promotional items for the chapter!

Organizational updates:

  • I’m working closely with our student leaders at the University of Michigan chapter over Google Hangouts to prepare for Fall 2019! 

  • We're now taking action on an awesome brainstorming session on recruitment led by Jacob (our Director of Outreach, 2019-20)

  • This Sunday evening we’ll have another brainstorm on events (~ensuring everyone feels welcome at student org events and that they’re super fun), led by Jacob and facilitated by Mo (Director of Events, 2019-20).

  • Quoc (β€œQ”) was successfully onboarded and is off to the races as Web Designer/Developer Intern for July and August.

  • We’re getting swag!! Q is leading the charge in designing our very first t-shirts.

  • Managing Editor Anitta is building a strong foundation for online content. Check out some of the latest blog posts on our website:

Current challenge:

Getting everything in order to accept online donations. I want to get this done ASAP, but have had a number of programming deadlines to meet this week. Online donations will be a top priority for next week. 

Grateful for: 

Seeing our students shine like the sun, especially when they do what they love.


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