Week of August 5, 2019

by Kori Crockett Cofounder / CEO


Week of August 5, 2019 in Summary 

Writing this post from bed. This is the second week in a row that the muscles in my shoulders and neck have seized up. After doing some research on the problem, I decided to make an appointment with a massage therapist. In addition to massage, the therapist also did cupping therapy. I was told I should feel relief in a couple of days. Really, really hoping it gets better by the end of the weekend. Getting tired of the nagging feeling of pain and not having full range of motion in my neck and head. 

This experience has me thinking critically about how I respond to stress and how I can better take care of myself going forward. It also has me thinking about how we can store stress in our bodies over time, how it manifests differently for different people, and how important it is to de-stress on a regular basis. 

I tend to feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders - responsibilities, family, work - and now I’m wondering just how many of my first generation peers feel the same. Probably a lot. It’s hard not to feel like everything is up to you, and only you. It can also be really hard to trust the process and believe that things will work out, especially because we’ve seen so many times when they don’t work out. That’s all we have though, in the end. Trust and faith. That’s what got us into college in the first place, isn’t it? Trust and faith will continue to carry us forward from here.

Moving slow this week because of my injury, but here are some highlights - 

  • Fundraising Plan - draft in progress

  • Connected with the Postsecondary Learning Community in Detroit to get the word out about the Michigan chapter to incoming first gen freshmen at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

  • Planning to submit a grant application next week!

  • Met with advisor Karl Androes to discuss grant applications, nonprofit leadership, and self-care

  • Researched and found a CRM (“Customer Relationship Management” System) that I like. We’ll use this to track people in our orbit going forward: volunteers, donors, and other interested folks!

  • Spent quite a bit of time with the Nonprofit Leadership Lab Fundraising Bootcamp! I learned about nonprofit accounting, crafting an elevator pitch, and building a solid financial foundation. 

Until next week <3 

Grateful for: 

Time to rest.


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