Guest Writer Guidelines

Propeller Collective is a community of first generation and limited-income
college students who care about and help each other
become who they aspire to be in life.

Our community members come from diverse backgrounds - financially, ethnically, racially, culturally, geographically, gender, sexual orientation, and more. We respect our diverse backgrounds and unique goals in life and we strive for posts that respect and reflect this diversity.

Add to our community by writing a post that will provide actionable tips on a specific topic to your fellow peers. The post, once reviewed and approved by our editors, will be published on the website!

An opportunity to share your unique voice and help your peers.


The Propeller Collective Community! Current first generation college students, limited-income college students, and/or college students who are the first in their family to go to college in the U.S. 



  • Posts that add value to our readers’ lives. We’re looking for content that provides concrete takeaways, strategies, recommendations, and tips that help our readers get one step closer to their personal and professional goals. We favor posts about the social and emotional aspects of being in college and post-college, particularly as first generation and/or limited-income students or recent alumni.

  • Topics that fall under one of the following categories: Motivation, Personal Growth, On Campus, Back Home, or Career.



  • Word Count: Between 650-850 words

  • Tone & Style: Do your best to match the tone and style of the website! Check out a couple of posts for guidance. We like to be approachable, straightforward, and respectful. We also like to keep it real; be yourself and don’t feel like you have to use fancy words. We’re willing to share personal stories for the benefit of the community, and we love a good joke every now and then :D We use the second person point of view, which means we write directly to our reader as “you.”

  • Clear & Concise: Sentences should be short and to the point.

  • Original & Authentic: All guest posts must be original content (a new piece, written by you, based on your ideas) and cannot be re-published elsewhere.



  • Share your Voice.

  • Help your Peers.

  • A Published Writing Sample. Add to your portfolio and impress prospective employers.

  • Establish a Professional Online Presence. If you like, your bio will be featured at the end of your post with a headshot and two links of your choosing.


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