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Propeller Collective is a community of first generation and limited-income college students who care about and help each other become who they aspire to be in life. 

We envision a world where all first generation and limited-income college students graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree and flourish during and after college. 

Currently, 90% of first generation, limited-income college students drop out of college before completing a degree. 



  • We have immense power to make positive change in ourselves and others.

  • We believe community and friendship inspire transformational change.

  • We have an important role in the flourishing of our peers.

  • We see first generation and limited-income college graduates creating a more interconnected, compassionate world.



  • Current first generation college students
    Parent(s)/caregiver(s) don’t have a bachelor’s degree or only recently earned one

  • Current limited-income college students
    Struggling financially with the costs of college

  • Current college students who are the first in their family to go to college in the U.S.
    Parent(s)/caregiver(s) may or may not have earned a bachelor’s degree in another country

As college students, our readers are busy #goalgetters! They have a vision for their life and they’re going after it, one step at a time. They’re curious, driven, always learning, and love a good laugh at any time of day. They also really like snacks, staying up late, and sleeping in :D

Our readers come from diverse backgrounds - financially, ethnically, racially, culturally, geographically, gender, sexual orientation, and more. We respect our diverse backgrounds and unique goals in life. 



We aspire to add value to our readers’ lives.

To do that, we provide action-oriented, tips-based posts that help our readers get one step closer to their goals as it pertains to college and career. In doing so, our posts build and strengthen the Propeller Collective Community.

We prefer to write about the social and emotional aspects of being in college, particularly as first generation and/or limited-income students. How can we better interact with people in our lives - our friends, classmates, professors, siblings, etc. - and how can we grow in the way we understand ourselves and our being in the world? How-to posts, actionable stories, and interviews with experts are some of our favorite post styles.



  1. We keep it real. Be yourself! No need to be fancy.

  2. We’re willing to be vulnerable. Go there. You never know who will see themselves in your story or what they’ll take away.



  • Posts that add value to our audience!

  • Clear, concise writing

  • Original, authentic content

  • Match with our tone and style

  • Ideally, you’re a first generation and/or limited-income college student or recent grad

All posts fall under one of these categories:

  • Motivation

  • Personal Growth

  • On Campus

  • Back Home

  • Career

Definitely check out our current posts before you reach out!



  • Share your voice. Your post will be shared with our readers and beyond.

  • Help your peers. What personal insight can you share that will be influential to your peers / our readers?

  • A published writing sample. Add to your portfolio and impress prospective employers.

  • Work with an editor. We’ll work with you to get your post in top shape. Hone your writing skills.

  • Establish a professional online presence. If you like, your bio will be featured at the end of your post w/ a headshot and two links of your choosing.


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