Motivation Monday: Joyce


Clark University | 2019
Environmental Science / Management

Hometown: Park Ridge, Illinois
Currently: Student at Clark University
Self-described: Empathetic, kind, helpful
Enjoys: I love to take walks, research ideas and goals that I have, listen to music, and take naps.

I stay motivated by thinking about how far I've come.

Tell us about yourself!

I study at Clark University and I'm majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Management. I love the outdoors, traveling, and biking. I am a first generation college student and from a limited-income background. I have a pet parrot named Larry. My favorite shows are Nikita and Dexter. I can't live without chocolate; I love it so much!

This summer I worked at Nordstrom as a cashier and support person. I helped customers and my coworkers with anything they needed and also learned more about the company.


Greatest source of inspiration

My greatest source of inspiration is my friends. They inspire me to always do better and to set high goals. Their success and passion to excel pushes me toward graduation.


How did other people help you get to where you are today?

I definitely used my resources like my college counselor and teachers for advice. I also was part of a program called the Schuler Scholar Program, which helps motivated youth who are first generation students, are students of color, or come from a limited-income background attend highly selective colleges. With the help of this program I was able to get tutoring, tips, and guidance during high school and the college application process.

Coffee or tea?

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl

PC or Mac?

Dog or cat?

Cake or pie?

Favorite thing

Getting to meet new people from different backgrounds and being independent and exploring interests.


Least favorite thing

Feeling like you are in a bubble while in college. That's why I love taking trips to downtown Boston to see new things and to clear my mind.


Study habits

My study schedule consists of tackling certain chapters or sections in a specific time slot and also taking short breaks. For me, I stay focused by listening to music and putting my phone on silent. When studying, your phone is one of the biggest distractions so make sure to put it away!


Tell us about a challenge you faced. How did you overcome it?

A challenge I ran into was procrastinating and submitting assignments late. It is definitely easy to get distracted and push assignments off for later, but in the end it only causes stress. I've overcome this by setting early deadlines for myself on when to complete my assignments and by using my planner.


How did you find your sense of belonging?

I found my sense of belonging by applying to a pre-orientation program at my college. It definitely helped me get adjusted to school before orientation and it was perfect because it was for first generation students and people of color.


What campus resources do you use?

I have used office hours of professors and teaching assistants (TAs). I am definitely going to start taking advantage of the writing center on campus and the counseling center. Don't be afraid to ask for help - I myself am still learning this.


What advice would you give to your freshman-year self?

I would tell myself to use a planner often and to not procrastinate. I would also tell myself it's okay to say "no" and to put yourself first. For example, if someone wants to hangout, but you have to study. I would also tell myself to ask more questions in class and to meet with professors more often.


What's your secret for time management and productivity?

For being productive, make sure to have a planner. Planners help you remember what assignments you have to do and how to have good time-management skills. I am definitely still learning and forcing myself to use a planner because I am not used to using one. I have seen great improvements in my productivity ever since I've used it.


How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by thinking about how far I've come, the hard work I've already done, and making sure that I am always pushing myself to do better and accomplish my goals.


How do you de-stress?

I de-stress by listening to music and taking walks.


Future goals?

My short term goals are to get good grades this semester and get to know my professors more. My long term goals are to find an internship and to do more work outside the classroom involving my major.

How can the community help you?

I could use help finding internships in Environmental Science and networking with people in that field.
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