Motivation Monday: Josie

Harvard College
Chemistry / Economics | 2017

Hometown: Southern Florida
Currently: Headed to medical school in the fall
Self-described: Smart, quiet, nice
Enjoys: Watching TV and movies and hanging out with friends and family. I also like to read, whether books, the newspaper, etc.

I wouldn’t be here without my family. I wouldn’t be here without the mentors and advisors I have had along the way.

Tell us about yourself!

I just graduated from Harvard, where I studied chemistry. I’m originally from South Florida. I am both a limited-income and first generation college student. My younger brother is also in college.


Greatest source of inspiration

My mother is my greatest source of inspiration. She has worked so hard to provide for my brother and I, and has been so supportive of us and our dreams.


Greatest source of support

Honestly, there are too many people and organizations to list. I wouldn’t be here without my family. I wouldn’t be here without the mentors and advisors I have had along the way. My high school guidance counselor is amazing, as were my teachers, peers, and friends. I’m lucky to still have access to great advising and a great support network in college. I also want to give a special shout out to the Ron Brown Scholar Program; they have been so supportive and helpful since my senior year of high school.


Favorite thing

I like the freedom that comes with college and the countless opportunities available.


Least favorite thing

There is so much to do and see in college, and sometimes the amount of options can be a bit overwhelming.


Study habits

I try to get things done as early as possible, but that doesn’t always happen. I stay focused by writing down everything (assignments, what I need to do daily, my goals, etc.) and reminded myself of why I am here and what I am working towards.


Tell us about a challenge you faced in college. How did you overcome it?

I think my biggest challenge has been asking for help. Sometimes you feel bad asking for help or like you will burden others. I’ve realized that that’s not true and that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and you will always find someone who can and will help you. I’ve been more proactive about reaching out and asking for help.


What advice would you give to your freshman-year self?

Push yourself outside your comfort zone more often.


Best advice you received?

Do not stress, especially about things you have little or no control over. It will all work out in the end.


What's your secret for time management and productivity?

I have a tendency to procrastinate and waste time when I’m not busy, so I try to at least start, if not finish, assignments early and keep busy so that I’m more efficient.


How do you stay motivated?

I remind myself of how far I’ve come and my past accomplishments. I’ve gone through tough times before and I will get through them again.


How do you de-stress?

I write or do the things I do when I have free time.


Future goals?

I will become a physician, although I’m still not sure what my career will look like at this point. I’m headed to medical school.


Final thoughts?

Being first generation is something to be proud of and it’s a great accomplishment.